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Our Services

Check out our range of Wedding and Events services below, you'll be
sure to find something to make your day or night spectacular!

Dj Shows

DJ Packages

Our DJ Service is our foundation. It is where our passion for within the wedding industry began!

We understand how important the evening entertainment is so we strive to offer the very best.

All of our DJ shows have been created using only the highest grade of industry leading equipment to compliment our small team of selected DJ's. Not only does this ensure maximum reliability but also keeps everything looking and sounding phenomenal.

All of our DJ Shows have be set to a specific colour to match the theme of your event. Personalised playlists are very welcome.



Photo Booths are a brilliant addition to any party, another great way of keeping your guests entertained whilst also capturing some great shots you and your guests can keep for life!

Our Photo Booths offer unlimited prints throughout the night, a selection of funky props, a copy of the whole digital album on a memory stick, and a friendly member of staff to encourage your guests in! Available in a clean white skin with a royal red curtain. Includes FREE GUESTBOOK!

On the night we will print 2 copies of every photo taken, one for your guests to take home and one for them to stick in your very own guestbook where they can also write a personal message!



Transform your venue with our "Absolutely Stunning" LED Dance floors. Our LED floors are simply amazing - People just love to dance on them! A perfect compliment for to any of our DJ shows. They can be made in various different sizes to suit your venue, Available in both Black or white. 


Light-up Letters

Our light up letters are a great way to add a personal touch to your day. Choose from one of our arrangements or have your own name or initials! 

Not only a great decoration for your venue, but also a fantastic photo opportunity!

WHITE or RUSTIC... we stock them all!



Uplighting can transform a room! They are small lights that are placed around the room to light up the wall. Most effective in rooms with high ceilings or pillars. Have them match the colour theme of your wedding or event. 


Confetti Canon

Put a massive grin on everyones face with a confetti canon for your First Dance!


We will liaise with your photographer / videographer and choose the perfect moment within your first dance to fire the confetti canon above you and making it rain confetti! Creates a wonderful photo and a lovely surprise for everyone! 

Alternatively, save it for a moment during the night and cover family & friends crowd in confetti! 

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