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Professional DJ's

Finding the right DJ for your Wedding or Event can be a daunting task. But we are here to make that decision easy. There are many others out there, so why choose us?


We are not a large agency... We have a small team of hand selected, confident, open format DJ's who work with us. Each member of the team has excellent musical knowledge, strong mixing and hosting abilities with lots of wedding experience!

Top notch DJ's need Top notch equipment! We use only the very best. View DJ Packages in our brochure

The Music...


What is a great DJ without great music? 


Hi. Ollie here... I am the founder of Enigma Entertainment. Like all great DJ’s who work with us, I am an open format DJ… This means I have the professional capability to work with a wide range of music.


I began my DJ career through the love of electronic dance music. But over 10 years of working behind the decks, I have developed extensive knowledge and understanding of what really gets a dance floor moving across all styles and eras of music.  


PROFILE - Ollie.png

How do we get the music right for you? 


We encourage all our clients to send ahead a short selection of favourite songs. I recommend 5 each & 5 for your guests. Total of 15 tracks. This is a minimum. This is to help us understand your taste in music so that we can be prepared and create the perfect night for you. 


You may like to create a Spotify playlist for us to use as a guide. You are more than welcome to do this, but it’s not essential. It has been very useful to learn what different couples like. But it is important to remember, we cannot plan a whole night of music track for track. It’s all down to the crowd’s energy on the night.


Need some inspiration?


Over the years we have been sent 100’s of playlists from couples for their wedding. Some are better than others (Haha!) Here are a selection of great ones… 


One size certainly does not fit all!

We cater for over 100 weddings & events every year. Granted, there are some tracks that occur frequently in a lot of our sets. But the majority changes night by night. What keeps Friday night pumping, doesn’t always have the same magic on Saturday. There are a couple of factors at play here… Different ages in the crowd, different nationalities, and obviously just general taste in music! This is why it is so important for a wedding DJ to have diverse music knowledge and the skill to be able read a room and adjust the music according.




This one is so important, and often overlooked. Good timing of tracks is fundamental. It takes skill to build a great atmosphere with the right music. This is no random shuffle! Beyonce does not mix well into Bon Jovi! Good timing is building up the tempo in a strategic manor, mixing with good flow adjusting to the energy of the crowd, and dropping the big hits when everyone is ready for it! Not in desperation to fill the floor.  




Contact Enigma Entertainment Today to Book Your Wedding DJ Service

If you're looking for a DJ service that knows how to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long, look no further than Enigma Entertainment. We're dedicated to making your event unforgettable. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding DJ services or to book our team for your upcoming event.

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